DNA Chip & Microarray HQ

DNA Chip & Microarray HQ

DNA microarrays are used in molecular biology to perform numerous genetic tests at the same time.  By allowing parallel processing, the microarray greatly reduces the amount of time required to study new theories or biotech phenomena.  The array itself is made up of a series of microscopic spots of DNA oligonucleotides possessing a specific DNA sequence.  The spots are referred to as features while the sequences are known as probes.  The degree of acceleration is basically determined by the number of probes.

A probe is attached to a silicon chip with a covalent bond from a chemical like an epoxy-like substance. Microscopic beads can also be used.  A DNA array is basically the same as other microarrays.  It just uses DNA as its detection mechanism.  Just like a standard microarray, a DNA array can also suffer from a inaccuracies, in-efficiencies, and production delays from the fabricator.   


Biodiesel: A Blessing ... Or A Curse?
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Dissecting Depression
Take a close look at the genetic and chemical nature of depression and you will get a better understanding of how 121 million people can be clinically depressed.

The Significance of Biobanking
The value and importance of biobanking is increasing each day and slowly people are getting acquainted with it. However, the question that might taunt many is that what a biobank is and to put it in simple terms, a biobank is a place where biological samples (especially of humans) are preserved and stored. The stored samples of a biobank are meant for data analysis and are usually a research hub.

Ariadne's Pathway Studio Explore Makes Visualizing Pathways Easy for Affymetrix GeneAtlas Personal Microarray System
Ariadne announces the launch of Pathway Studio® Explore for the Affymetrix GeneAtlas™ Personal Microarray System. Ariadne's Pathway Studio Explore provides a biological context for the analysis of gene expression data to identify biological signal flow, key regulators, and affected pathways. Pathway Studio Explore can build and explore protein interaction networks, perform network analysis of experimental data using powerful data mining and network building tools. Part of the GeneAtlas personal microarray system from Affymetrix, Pathway Studio Explore offers customers easy-to-use data analysis and visualization software provided with instrumentation that is easily installed on any laboratory computer.

BioDiscovery Releases ImaGene 9.0 for Array Image Quantification and Visualization
BioDiscovery Inc., the leading developer of integrated software solutions for high-throughput technologies announced today the release of ImaGene 9.0 for microarray image analysis. The new features include improved memory performance for the latest high density arrays, streamlined processing pipeline focused on image quantification and intensity extraction, and new modular design with options to add modules for analysis of gene/miRNA expression or CGH data.

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